Sunlight and other lights

Padre got me new running shoes for X-mas.  I’ve worn wear Saucony ever since I was thirteen and joined the high school x-country team.  I hadn’t noticed their new color options though until my dad e-mailed that he needed help deciding.  These retro brown ones make me super happy.  Yesterday I found a perfect pair of running pants to go with them for $3 at Grocery Outlet.  Unfortunately they’re not organic cotton or recycled polyester or bamboo or eco anything.  But they are super comfy, and when I was wearing them last night and hubby got extra frisky I proclaimed them the best $3 I’ve ever spent (not like I’m prone to hyperbole).  Today I took them for their first run.  It was sunny and cold and Gooby fell asleep in the bob.  I felt a mad euphoria.  Already this year  I’ve gone running more times than I did in 2009 and 2010 combined.  Maybe that’s why I’m so happy.  I don’t know.  All I know is I had another great evening yesterday and then an awesome day again today.  Before the run I had a really nice breakfast at the Sunlight Cafe with Whiz and Goober.

Then the Whiz took it upon himself to install two new light fixtures that I’ve had lying around for months.  (The real improvement of the day).  While he was working I went to Goodwill where I found a frame with a nice mat, a necklace, a cute jacket for Goobie, a mother of pearl bracelet and a sweet fur lined jacket.

Here’s the necklace.  I especially love the chain which looks like a strand of tiny metal beads.  Darn it though, you can really tell I skimped on the neck model.


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