Organic cotton and recycled polyester

I kept stewing about that parking ticket I got on Monday until finally, to make myself feel better, I decided I would “earn” the money back by returning a cardigan that I wasn’t crazy about anyway.  I’d gotten it for teaching, so it seemed like returning it would mean enough less spent on teaching to make up for the stupid ticket.  While I was at it though I realized I wasn’t crazy about the other cardigan I’d gotten at the same time either.  So I returned them both for $78.  While there I found two great natural colored long-sleeved tees for $10 each.  I was specifically looking for long sleeved tees exactly like this because they are a staple of my wardrobe.  My last was finally recycled a year ago after six hard seasons of heavy use.  It made my day that these are organic/ recycled.  I also got two pairs of bamboo sweater tights: one grey, one brown.  Plus a skinny red belt for $10.  So I only came out $32 or so ahead when all was said and done, not quite covering the $39 ticket.  Oh well.   I’m happy because the new additions make exciting outfits out of other, mostly-thrifted stuff that I wasn’t wearing so the effect is somewhat synergistic if you will (I wouldn’t).  It’s like I have many new outfits instead of two not very versatile cardigans that I didn’t love.  What was I thinking?  Cardigans should only ever be purchased used.


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