Corduroy dress

I got this dress at a thrift store in Long Beach for $4 almost two years ago.  I was just starting to shop for maternity wear.  I love the color- somewhere between brown and purple.   Or maybe grey and purple?

It has awesome western style fake pearl buttons, but two were missing (actually three but one had been replaced with a normal slightly pearlescent white shirt button.  Finally about a week ago I gave up on trying to match the buttons that and just bought some same size brass ones.

That works, right?  I was hoping it would pass for sort of Anthropologie chic.

(Note that while I was getting dressed Goobie dumped an basket of folded laundry all over the floor behind me).  I added a hole to that belt after this photo was taken.  I also added a skirt underneath since I was off to lecture and the dress seemed a little short.  Not to short to wear out with friends though, and I hope to do that soon.


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