It’s almost 9:30 and I have nothing to show.  Today was the first day of the quarter.  I’m co-teaching with my old boss who I adore.  He was giving the intro lecture but brought the wrong adapter for his laptop so he went back up to his office to switch computers and I sat in the front row trying not to look too fidgety as the start of the period got closer and closer.  Then two minutes to start time some flustered professor arrived and said “math 140 right?”  and I said, “no, Sociobiology 409” except that he was right and I was wrong (as an entire lecture hall full of students confirmed).  Funny too because I’d been thinking how different the class looked from classes of previous years.  Yep, wrong room.  Sam, my boss had e-mailed that it was the same as always but actually it’s some crappy cramped room with bad acoustics in the chemistry building.  He had to call the secretary of the department to find that out and then we ran over there but while I got in and he tried a locked door and then disappeared so I found myself in front of the class 10 min late saying some completely inadequate words of introduction until he got there and got the computer going and we were underway.  Man. what a nightmare!  Luckily I was medicated.  Honestly, I’m incapable of improv anything in front of an audience.  An absolute mess if I don’t have have everything thought out in advance and today I thought I would just be waving amiably as Sam introduced me and the course.

I guess I learned something.  But something I should have already known.  So that’s it.  No improvement.  No accomplishment.

Goobs also started daycare today which was actually the more pressing issue for me.  That, at least, was by all appearances a roaring success.

Oh, AND I got a parking ticket.

OK, enough about my crappy day.  I’m going to go play Kings of Leon while I fold laundry.


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