Are you ready for this: I ironed and hung the final two curtain panels in our living room.  Yep.  We had curtains that looked exactly like this that my mom made about 10 years ago and then at some point (longer ago than I can comfortably admit) our rescued Mexican street hound Jasper went crazy when left alone and cut his nose on something and then smeared blood all over and destroyed the curtains.  It wasn’t pretty.  Anyway, I kept meaning to make replacement curtains and kept making excuses to put it off until I finally discovered they sell these panels for literally $5.99 each at Target.  I got new, smaller hooks because the Target panels were slightly longer than the ones my mom made- also $5.99 for one panel’s worth.  So for $60 we have all new curtains in the living room.  Of course I do wish that I had some amazing, stylish statement curtains to show you made by me in 15 min from a sexy salvaged material that I scored for free by charming some minor celebrity or something.  I totally wish that.  But I’m also really happy to finally have curtains back up in the living room.


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