I had lunch with Lou Gillette once a few years ago.  You know, Lou Gillette, of shrunken alligator penis fame.  I asked him if his work makes him paranoid.  He said “not really” but that he avoids non-stick cookware.  That impressed me.  So, a year ago I ordered a cast iron skillet.  Why did it take me so long?  I’m not sure.  Especially given the anemia.  But it’s probably related to a minor celebrity that the Whiz roomed with back in 1998 at Rainier.  Once I was cooking in their shared kitchen when he approached me to say “you know not to use soap on my cast iron skillet right?”  He said he just wanted to be sure because it sucked to have one ruined after getting it seasoned just right.  I acted like I totally knew that, but really I was deeply intimidated.  Who ever heard of cookware that couldn’t be washed?

A mere 12 years later I was recovered sufficiently to try one out.  Wow!  Hello perfect omlettes.  (It looks much better in real life than the photo conveys.)

And, finally, I’m ready to say goodbye to my non-stick.  I’ve only held on to it this long because it was a wedding gift and I’m sentimental.  Now that I have it out though, it’s sinking in how crummy this thing looks.  Good riddance.

So that’s that.  Thank you, Lou.


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