Somehow I ended up with this book after the last Half Price Book warehouse sale.  I must have liked the cover.  And then, being that I took it home and all, I actually read almost all of it.  I’m not recommending it.  But I did like the list of four important manners.  In fact I kept it out of my recent resale pile so I could look them up again.  Here they are:

1.  Welcome guests with your attention.  Greet them at the door.  Walk them out to say goodbye.

2.  Offer guests something hot or cold to drink when they arrive.

3.  Do not start eating until everyone is seated.

4.  Determine a subtle signal for “family hold back” to ensure that there is enough food or drinks for the guests.

We’re having some friends over this weekend and I’m going to make a point of not greeting them from the kitchen.


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