Today was great.  Waffles, sunshine, afternoon wine with friends, an evening clothing swap.  Clothing swaps, man.  Pure genius.  I unloaded two bags full of clothes and returned home with a pair of pants that fit perfectly and three great shirts.  Plus the black skinny jeans that I never wear are as of this very moment out on the town with ravishing Miss Celia having more excitement than ever before in their life (lives?).  I wish I’d thought to take photos but I didn’t.

Instead, I bring you a blow by blow of my latest craft.  Yes, another elephant applique.  But I’m proud because this one repaired a hole in an otherwise perfect hoody.  A hole that happened to be centered perfectly just above the waist band in the tramp stamp region.  I’m thinking I might give the hoody to Celia who happens to do forensic genetic work on seized ivory to help stop poaching.  But at this point, I’m not super happy with it.  It needs something.  Maybe a contrasting tusk?  I don’t know.  But I’m not calling it done just yet.


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