Book sale

As part of the 20/20 home cure I filled a box with books I didn’t need.  Included in the purge: one huge Norton anthology of English lit from college.  I haven’t cracked it since graduation, but still had twinge of regret putting it in the discard pile.  Then I opened it and the cheap, thin pages slid into an indolent slump and I felt okay about saying goodbye.  Also included: a copy of Master and Margarita from high school, never finished.  I know, I know.  It’s the best work of literature of the 20th century or whatever and I’m not as intellectual as you.  I’m just glad it’s not sitting on my shelf condescending to me anymore.  I didn’t quite winnow out 25% but I did make some good progress.

I’m happy.  I have $18 credit at Third Place Books maybe for this and this.

The Whiz is happy.  He suggested I edit my books a few weeks back and I bristled.  Apparently he needed to make a web video.  It would have also helped to make that point about room for new ones.

Gooby’s happy.  I got him this with my $5 credit at Half Price Books for dregs rejected by Third Place.


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