Before/ after basement entry

I wish I could say this is a shot of the former crack house next door or the abandoned place down the street.  But no.  This was our basement entry about a month ago.  We blame Gogert, the former owner (and avoid mentioning exactly how long we’ve lived here).  Gogert rented the place to an abusive rock band plus he was a cheap, shoddy, amateur handyman.

Anyway, I’d partially scraped the entry before taking the above photo, but honestly, it was almost that bad on its own.  We hadn’t done anything with it because it clearly needed to be totally replaced and I have this annoying habit of wanting to hold off until we begin construction of that garage/ office/ studio/ greenhouse/ mother-in-law that happens to be not exactly right around the corner for us.  Finally I realized it would not be wasted effort to pretty things up in the (likely decades) interim.  Plus it was free since I used paint and primer I’d gotten for the flowerbox.

So boom, boom, boom.  Scraped, primed, painted.  It’s far from perfect now, but still soooooo much better than it was.

I couldn’t resist grabbing those croquet rackets from a free pile.


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