Oh cork.  Oh ancient oak orchard somewhere in Portugal with migrant birds in a tangled canopy above a seventh generation orchardist who leans against a scarred trunk to eat soup and study the artful landscape with which he is a perfect symbiant.  Not to mention your elasticity and insulating properties.  But you are $3.39 a sq ft even half off (wait a minute or maybe $1.29 a sq ft? or whatever this comes to once I measure and do the math).  I won’t deny I want you.  But I am a little worried that you’re too high maintenance.


Ok, Bamboo.  I agree you are beautiful and sustainable and can be harder than red oak (although maybe not in all cases).  And yes, you are only about $2.90 a sf ft.  I do respect you.  It’s just that you’re rigid.  Not so warm or supple.  Still, we could probably be happy together.

And then there are the IKEA veneer floors.  Also made of “renewable” materials- wood fiber- and recyclable.  Attractive, yes.  And only $1.15 sq ft.  I’m not going to say this to their face, but let’s be honest.  These floors are just slutty.  Not to the point that we won’t go there.  There is after all the matter of the budget.  But I’m really hoping to work some strategory magic and keep our other options on the table.

Notes to self:

Here’s another reputable source of cork.

The ultimate dream: radiant heat cork floor.

DIY radiant floor.


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