The Woods

Whiz suggested we go mushrooming on Saturday.  Friday night we looked at road maps and topos and Google Earth, plotting our approach.  I pretend to be pretty outdoorsy but I have to confess:  I’ve only been mushrooming twice before.  Even Henry is as experienced as I am.  Plus we’ve only ever gone in spots where friends take us.  It’s a whole different can of worms to find your own spot.  But I was excited.  This was going to be a tradition, our place to come back year after year.  Soon we’d be introducing friends to our own spot.  So Saturday morning we filled a giant bag with lunch and snacks, dressed Gooby in his warmest, piled in the car and started heading south toward Rainier.

We made it as far as Ikea.

I know.  But.  1. It was pouring.  2. Gooby was SCREAMING.  and 3. Whiz was stressed about some impending work for his free-lance clients.  Sometimes it’s best to be adaptable.

And that’s one awesome thing about babies.  Their expectations for us are pretty low.  Goobiedoo ended up having a blast.  Much more fun that he would have strapped to our back in the rain in the woods.  Plus we ended up doing a little research for our upcoming basement remodel.  More on that tomorrow.


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