Rain Day

Hello November.  I’m sad to say goodbye to one of the most beautiful Octobers in memory.  Rainy season is officially here.

I’m already fantasizing about next year’s garden.  I think I roped in a willing collaborator (in addition to Whiz who gets credit for all tilling and irrigating).  I’m super excited and inspired to be organized.  First step: planning what to plant.  Here’s what I’m thinking:

1. Establish an asparagus bed.  I read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle last winter and am now ashamed that we didn’t establish asparagus years ago.  But I’m also a little scared because it sounds hard.

2. Pole beans- we’ve been growing bush beans the last two years because I was too lazy to build a trellis.

3. Red and sweet yellow onions.  The Whiz proclaimed our red onions from this year are his favorite thing from the garden.

4. Cucumbers- for eating and pickling (need to pickle them small next year).

5.  Delicata squash.

6.  Raspberries.

7.  Sunflowers.

8.  Zinnia.

9.  Marigolds along the front path.

10.  Basil.

11. Dill.

12.  Cilantro.

13.  Parsley.

14. Chives.

15.  Potato?

16.  Tomatoes: rainbow cherries, san marazino, yellow boy, celebrity

17.  Kohlrabi

18.  Lettuce.

19.  Sugar snap peas.

20.  Sweet corn.

21.  Zucchini- try cooking blossoms next year.

22.  Kale.

23.  Jalepeno.

24.  Eggplant.

25.  Cauliflower.

26.  Ghost pumpkin.

27. Lemon Balm.

28.  Also must make sure to harvest the transparent apples when they are ripe next year rather than letting them fall and rot like I did the last two.

29.  Sugar beets.

30.  Blue morning glory to grow up the laurel hedge.

Anything else I should consider?  What do you love growing in your gardens?  Don’t say chickens, I’ll get depressed.  Whiz enforces a strict anti-chicken policy even though I’ve already picked out names (Flossy, Gertie and Eudora) and send him links to free coops on Craigslist.  To be fair I did scar him a little with some previous poultry farming.  Best not to go there.

Next step: figuring out when is best to plant these guys and drafting a schedule.


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