Street Appeal

We live on a . . . hmm. . . how do you say?. . . a “transitional” street.  A few doors down there’s an abandoned house where squatters were stripping wires to sell for drug money until their recent eviction.  Next door to that there’s an assisted living home for handicapped adults.  Then there’s the former crack house next door to us where police conducted a bust one day as I was working from home rousting about 18 people on to the porch and chasing one tweaker down the street, guns drawn.  There are also some renters, some elderly, some immigrants, us.  You get the picture.  But the other day a couple in the middle of the block had a little party to celebrate their wedding (after 25 years together! in Hawaii and totally spontaneous!) and invited us with some others from the street.  It gave me a whole different feeling about our neighbors.  It was really sweet.

I don’t know if it’s related but I recently got a bug to tidy up our front strip.  Today it rained all day so I took advantage of Goobie’s naptime to plant some woolly thyme at the base of our rock wall.   I also dug up some periwinkle from the backyard and moved it to the base of the mock orange on the other side of the driveway.  Both these plants have proven their ability to go nuts under a strict regime of neglect, making them perfect candidates for our yard.

Excuse these pictures.  I took them really fast in the rain while Henry waited in the car for me after his nap.

Here are some befores for contrast.

Fun stuff.


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