Flower Box


I initiated an experiment in the flower box outside our living room window today.  The Whiz made me a sweet flower box for my first mother’s day to replace the one that he built out of the old carport that we tore down when we moved in here over ten years ago.  I love the idea of having it constantly overflowing with seasonal plants- petunias and nasturtiums in the summer; pansies and violets in the fall; boughs of holly and evergreen in the winter; and jonquils, hyacinths and tulips in the spring.  But that’s not exactly happening.  So I’m trying out some sedums instead with the idea that they will be perrenial and thrive with less water.  A bunch of stonecrops for now.  I was feeling cheap so they’re a little sparse, but I also eventually want to fill in the gaps with hens and chicks and other spreading types to keep the visual interest in seasons when the stonecrop is not in bloom.  I’m even thinking about fashioning a slight mound out of chicken wire and filling it in with dirt/ moss and then planting into that to make the box look more full.  But for now I’m pretty happy with the stonecrop.


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