2011 Chinook Book

I got my new Chinook Book today.  What coupon did I use first?  G.O. baby!!!  Like you had to ask.  Took that sucker straight to Crown Hill.

Disclaimers: 1.  I may or may not love G.O. more than it is socially acceptable to admit.  2.  It’s possible I have made rules limiting the amount I bring G.O. up in company.  3.  And it is maybe true that I have broken those rules on more than one occasion.  4.  I also may or may not have updated my FB status with rhapsodic descriptions of a G.O. shopping experience.  I know.  You’re totally wishing that your friends were this interesting.

Just to take things one step further I will now itemize my Chinook Book savings in a list that I’ll update throughout the year.

Grocery Outlet $3

Grocery Outlet $3

Seattle Metro $2.50

Seattle Metro $2.50

PCC $1.99

Bob’s Red Mill $0.75

Seattle Metro $2

Good Earth Tea $1

Central Market $5

Organic Valley butter $1

Five pounds of free carrots at Central Market $5.98

Lunberg Farms rice cakes $1

TOTAL $29.72


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