Mommy’s little Castor canadensis

OK so I didn’t exactly plan for Henry to be a beaver for Halloween, but I found a mint condition, high quality 2 T beaver suit at the St. Vincent DePaul that looked nice and cozy so I figured it was meant to be.  I am originally an Oregonian after all.  There was no tag but the cashier only charged me $5.  The only problems were 1. a lame tail and 2. a lack of eyes.  But in my mind those were practically advantages, since it’s not really Halloween unless I’ve whip-stitched a little felt.  Two hours later and we’re ready to party.




eyes ready to be sewn in place

Stay tuned for photos of the final product.


Apartment Therapy’s 20/20 Cure

Are you guys doing this?  I tuned in late and inadvertently skipped some days, but crazily enough have been kept more or less or track through a couple of nice coincidences (including surprise flowers from the Whiz on day 7).  Today we list the top six things we want to do for our homes.  I love the concept.  So here goes:

1.  Make curtains for the living room.

2.  Fill and repaint gouges in the blue room wall.

3.  Put hooks in the closet for the laundry bags.

4.  Organize junk drawer.

5.  Obtain a rug for the bedroom.

That photo at the top is of a room in Denyse Schmidt‘s house.  I nabbed for inspiration (day 3) but failed to note the site.  Ugh.  Permiso.

Here’s another I like:

Attention responsible citizenry

I’m aspiring to your ranks.  First I took a CPR/ first aid refresher.  Then the Whiz and I voted.  (Who put that initiative on there to screw injured workers?  Shame on you.)  Now I’m taking our expired meds to the Bartell’s in Shoreline to be disposed of appropriately.  If you live in WA you can find your own drop off location here.

Bonus: visitors who peruse the medicine cabinet will no longer encounter multiple embarrassing bottles of diarrhea/ constipation medicine left over from various travels/ cesarians.


First thing this morning we got in the car and headed north to meet a new friend for a walk.  She lives about an hour from here outside Monroe, WA on an amazing 20 acre parcel in the middle of Forest Service land with her husband and 9 month baby daughter, Heron, plus their two dogs and five horses.  This is their house.

Just a sweet wood cabin in the woods.  It’s the only homestead grandfathered in on the Everett watershed.  It’s also on a gated Forest Service road so most of the time they have the forest to themselves.  They’re both vets and have a practice plus run a non-profit horse rescue.  In other words, they’re living my childhood fantasy.  Amazing!

My friend, Hannah, took us to some great chanterelle gathering spots near their house.  As I was clambering around on a mossy slope amidst the ferns and the conifers with Henry in the Ergo it occurred to me that things really could not have been improved upon.  It was awesome.  And look what we brought home:

I confess, I didn’t find all those.  Hannah took pity and shared some of her massive booty.  Dry sauteed with a little garlic, plus sea salt and black pepper served on a bed buttered noodles.  Glass of zin.  Ooooooo Baby.  HEAVEN.  The perfect end to a perfect day.

Yard Mess

We installed a cool recycled brick patio over the summer.  Very proud.  Big success.  I will post about it sometime when we’re all “after”-ready.  But, as you can see above, it’s not quite there yet.  I know.  We have no shame.

Well, maybe a little shame.  Enough so that having just put Gooby down for a nap and having even more recently polished off a twice baked + once microwaved potato with cream cheese and red onion I am taking my butt out to the yard to do something about that mess you see above.  I should add that it is break-your-heart gorgeous out.  I should also add that today is kind of a huge landmark day for the blog because sometime since last night we had our FIRST visitor!!!  Seriously!  I feel so famous.


Oh paperboard counter, I wish I could have you.  But you are so ridiculously expensive!  New laminate would cost about 1/10 as much and would look surprisingly good, however it’s not without its drawbacks.    What to do?  What to do?

Of course there are there are some other green options.  One way or the other, we need to do something.  Look:

And that’s not even the part that got burned or the raw edge part.

Here’s one laminate option that tempts me:

Right.  I know.  White balance.

Thrift Store Fun

Look what $2.31 got me at the Shoreline Goodwill.  For $35 more I could have gotten this:

If I had a place for it I would have.