First Annual Artisan Food Festival at Pike Place Market

Today I improvised a lemon cucumber mint avocado smoothie and went from wondering what to do with all our cucumbers to sad that we don’t have more.

Lemon Cucumber Avocado Mint Smoothie:

2-3 medium-sized cucumbers, peeled, seeded and chopped roughly

juice from two lemons

½ ripe avocado

¼ cup fresh mint leaves

2 Tbls apple juice concentrate or more to taste.

I made this twice today actually, the first time with the juice from only half a lemon because that’s all I had.  It was good.  Goobie ate quite a bit unsweetened.  But it was definitely missing something.  I tried sweetening it a little with agave which was disappointing.  I realized what I really wanted it to be was more of a tart lemonade with lots of mint and cucumber and avocado instead of water.  After obtaining a couple more lemons at PCC (one of them free incidentally because kids get free fruit at PCC I learned today as Goobernaut was gnawing a lemon in the cart), I tried again.  This time with the apple juice concentrate instead of agave.  MUCH better.  About perfect actually.  I brought some over to a friend’s who’s sick because it seemed like it might be therapeutic.

Goobernaut and I also attended the first annual artisan food festival at Pike Place Market today.  A best friend from elementary school was up from Portland to host a booth.  I bought some locally made pickled fig from her.  Yum!  More about her awesome local foods business to come when her website launches next month.

Here we are age seven.

The food festival was awesome.  We might have to make it a tradition.  Free tastes of phenomenal foods plus a free bag of Café Vita coffee.  Oh Café Vita, you are irresistable!  Plus a free bag of rice which I won by spinning a wheel.  Wheee!!!  I love you, Seattle.



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